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Meet The Chef 

Chef Tyson Podolski is a Massachusetts born farm to table food enthusiast who at an early age enjoyed tending tomatoes in his father's garden. He traveled from New York to San Fransisco, honing his skills with the best on the culinary scene before he returned to New England winning accolades for his craft as the opening Chef of Route 7. After a brief stint in Panama, Chef Tyson went to Burlington , working with master gardener Rachel Kaplan for the opening of the iconic "Summer Winter". Making his way to the UAE, he now joins the Marriott Downtown Abu Dhabi as Executive Chef ready to lend his expertise to the exciting dining scene at the Hotel.
Chef Tyson
Executive Chef

Tyson Podolski

Simple food is where my heart is at! Nothing in the world tastes better than an apple picked off the tree or a tomato just picked  warm from the sun. My passion as a  chef is to showcase that which nature gives us and to say to our guests, "Here is a carrot, here you can taste the earth it was grown in and the sweetness it provides!"

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